Best Antivirus with VPN Included in 2021

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Most Antivirus packages that include VPN (virtual private network) are often painfully slow and, perhaps more importantly, not 100% secure.

Norton 360 is the number one antivirus package of 2021; it includes a very high security VPN.

‘High-quality VPNs won’t track your internet usage, will protect you from Wi-Fi hackers, and will enable you to access geo-restricted content from various locations’.

To find a product with both high-quality Antivirus and high-quality VPN is difficult, but the Norton 360 range can offer you both. The highlighted qualities of these products are listed below:

VPN security-encryption for secure browsing plus a no-log policy, so that even my VPN is not logging my data. Plus, an instant cut-off switch should my VPN become disconnected.

Good Malware protection- Norton 360 products will give you an up-to-date strong Malware protection, giving you security against the latest threats from Phishing, ransomware & spyware attacks, and many other threats of malware, giving you comprehensive protection.

VPN accessibility- A lot of antivirus/VPN packages out there offer limited bandwidths when accessing the VPN. Not so with the Norton 360 Range.

Ease of use- Simple to follow installation instructions (even for non-tech people!) and great Technical support and customer service in case of problems.

To sum up-the Norton 360 Range offers you great Antivirus protection along with the top unlimited, 100% no-log policy VPN, it is the perfect choice.

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