Shopping online? Here are some safety tips you should know.

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Shopping for food/household goods/Clothes is an essential part of all our lives, and shopping ‘Online’ has now become the ‘norm’ for most of us. 80% of internet users shop online at some point, and this is growing, particularly due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

While shopping online saves us an enormous amount of time and we can do it from the comfort of our own home, it comes with risks. This is something we must be aware of, and we must not be too complacent about.

Please find below some tips to keep in mind when shopping on the world wide web:

  1. Shop the names you know.

By doing this you are shopping, usually, on sites that have the highest standards of security and privacy.

  1. Look out for the Padlock

Secure sites will brandish the padlock icon in the browser to assure you that the site you are viewing, is using high level encryption, this scrambles your information and makes it harder for anyone to intercept it.

  1. Keep your private details private.

If a site is asking you strange questions that are asking for inappropriate information, for example your National insurance number or passport number, when this clearly isn’t needed to make your purchase, then come off the site straight away.

  1. Always check your billing statements

Sounds obvious, but many of us let this chore slip by, so we are not alerted to possible fraud.

  1. Keep passwords safe

Again, sounds another obvious thing to do, but many of us save them in our browser, or write them down next to the computer, where thieves can easily find them and then get into your private accounts for fraudulent use.

  1. Use mobile Apps.

Use a company’s dedicated App, these are more secure than just using a wireless communication. Make sure it is frequently updated also.

  1. Do shopping online from home.

Your home internet system is a lot more secure and safer than shopping on a public network. Always try to do your shopping at home and preferable on a hard- wired desktop connection. Although if you have Norton Wifi Privacy VPN, this will help keep you secure, especially if you have to use public networks.

  1. Keep your Web Browser up to date

Always update when prompted by your browser.

  1. Use a good reliable security software.

Last but not least, always use a creditable antivirus software for your internet security, like Norton 360. This range offers you the best reliable protection with the best security software when shopping online, including Norton secure VPN

Finally, keep enjoying the benefits of shopping online, but always remember to keep these tips in mind and keep safe.




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