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McAfee and Norton are renowned for providing first-class protection against viruses, malware and issues like phishing. With Simply Antivirus, you’ll never have to pay over the odds for these quality software brands. 

Safety online has never been more crucial, with cybercriminals better than ever at getting access to private information. It’s also becoming much harder to spot fraud. Issues like phishing have never been more worrying, with both fake emails and websites more convincing than ever. For whatever reasons, last year the UK experienced some of the highest rates of this type of crime in the developed world, according to research by online security company Surf Shark.

Viruses are more common than ever and can destroy both your peace of mind and reduce the lifespan of your devices. There’s been a huge rise in cyber crime and fraud over the past few years, with even Downing Street recently experiencing a violation. 

The UK cybersecurity unit tackled a record number of online scams last year. 

Both Norton and McAfee are extensively tried and tested software, which offer exceptional protection. 

They provide that extra layer of security which can make all the difference to your family or staff’s safety. Features include the option to protect your children against unwanted content. Young people unfortunately have access to a great deal of potentially harmful websites, including those which can impact their mental health. 

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