Buy McAfee Total Protection For Much Less

Most modern homes are full of laptops, smartphones, tablets and more, all of which create online security risks. Cybercrime is predicted to only increase in 2022 and it’s crucial that we’re all on our guard.

Simply Antivirus makes it easy to safeguard your devices in the year ahead. With our competitive prices for Norton and McAfee, you can protect any number of devices at your home or office.

Benefit from multi-device protection at a great price.

Our products include McAfee Total Protection which allows you to protect up to ten devices without slowing any of them down. It enables you to protect all members of your household from unwanted content, along with preventing viruses, malware and other damaging threats.

Features include McAfee LiveSafe Plus which makes sure your kids are getting healthy screen time. It works by automatically blocking inappropriate content and monitoring device activity and location, even when you’re not around.

We currently have McAfee Total Protection for 10 Devices for only £15.99. This award-winning antivirus software blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, and more on your PC.

You can easily keep your credit card and personal information safe from prying eyes, no matter where you go by turning unsecured networks into your own private connection with our secure VPN.

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