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Cyber crime has become an even bigger problem during the pandemic, with recent reports exposing over £34 million stolen in scams over the past year. It’s crucial to take action against cyber threats and ensure your devices are as well-protected as possible.

Along with ensuring you upgrade your internet security, it’s important to be wary of scams like phishing. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and use a variety of techniques to compromise your security. Otherwise, all kinds of personal data could be at risk.

Simply Antivirus makes the process of buying Norton and McAfee easy and affordable.

Among our range of products is the new Norton 360 Range which has many amazing security features. This software package is available for various numbers of devices. That includes Norton 360 Premium which is ideal for both businesses and households.

Suitable for protecting up to 10 devices, Norton 360 Premium has recently been rated as the best for connected devices by The Independent.

As one of the only two Norton Platinum Partners in the UK, you can trust us to deliver genuine products. We also have a team who are highly knowledgeable about this type of software.

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