Fight Cyber Crime With The Latest Antivirus Security Software

Antivirus software is your first line of defence against cyber criminals, with Norton and McAfee two of the most popular brands available.

Unfortunately, a cyber attacker only needs one single vulnerability in your IT system to cause problems. Just as technology has evolved, hackers have become more sophisticated, meaning they’re better than ever at finding these weak spots in your system. They’re also increasingly clever when it comes to deceiving us and exploiting our trust.

Problems like human-operated ransomware have been on the rise over the past few years, and the issue is showing no signs of slowing down.

Norton and McAfee are designed to identify any vulnerabilities and safeguard your home or business against cyber attacks.

They’re ideal for all kinds of businesses looking to keep their staff, customers and data safe. Here at Simply Antivirus you’ll find highly competitive prices for all the latest products from these brands.

According to Security Magazine, the top five threats to watch out for last year included what’s known as ‘social engineering’ which involves using human interaction to breach standard security practices; in other words, deceiving your staff. Similarly, human-operated ransomware is carried out by skilled criminals who are looking to make financial gains.

Along with using antivirus security software, it’s crucial to develop an awareness of the techniques hackers use to deceive us. Education is crucial for opening people’s eyes to the potential dangers presented online. Many older people who are less experienced with technology can fall for scams like these, but it can happen to anybody.

Recognising when a website or email looks illegitimate is crucial. Fortunately, software packages like McAfee can help you do this. They have the ability to warn you about any suspicious looking website.

Simply Antivirus is committed to helping you protect your devices against cyber threats in all shapes and forms. We’re proud to be a Platinum reseller of Norton, with our team highly knowledgeable regarding their latest products.


Our team wants to make sure technology is working for you, not against you. We help people across the UK to protect their IT infrastructure against cyber threats.

Praised for our ‘sensible prices’ and great customer support, we love taking the hassle out of updating your antivirus security software. Once you’ve made a purchase, we’re always happy to help if you have any issues with the installation process. Since a code can be sent in a matter of minutes, it’s easy to protect your devices immediately.

Whether you’ve recently suffered an attack or are concerned about the potential for cyber attacks, we can help find the right software package for your requirements.

mcafee livesafe

Our latest offers include McAfee LiveSafe 2022 for unlimited devices, which is reduced to only £24.99.

This package is the ultimate in antivirus, identity, and privacy protection for all your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. It ensures safe web browsing and warns you about risky websites, therefore helping to prevent dangerous downloads and phishing attacks. That makes it perfect for use by all your household.

Ever lost a large number of photographs by accident? With McAfee it’s easier than ever to back up your most important photos and files with secure cloud storage

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