Get The Best Price For Norton Security Products

Most people have had a computer infected with a virus at some point in their life, and know how infuriating it can be.

A virus can also have significant consequences if it’s not dealt with. Your device will stop operating properly, it might have annoying and intrusive pop-ups, and your private data is put at risk. Sadly, this isn’t an issue that’s going away any time soon.

Common problems range from online viruses, trojans, ransomware and worms to phishing, all of which can jeopardise your private data and shorten the lifespan of your computer. Phishing is the result of cybercriminals deceiving internet users, whether by pretending to be someone else via an email or by using a fake website.

With many people tightening their belts in 2022 due to the cost of living crisis, you might be tempted to go without antivirus software; but this will put your household or office at risk. Simply Antivirus is a top reseller who can save you money on McAfee and Norton, the latter for whom we are a platinum reseller.

Providing all-in-one protection, Norton is designed to monitor evolving threats on all your devices. Rated as one of the best antivirus solutions in the world, it’s used by everyone from homeowners to businesses of all kinds.

First launched in 1991, it’s continually developed to meet the changing challenges in the cybersecurity landscape.

Norton not only provides excellent protection against viruses, but is renowned for its speed and performance. Pitting it against the competition in lab tests, PCMag recognised its 2011 and 2012 lines as the fastest and strongest in protection.

Simply Antivirus have the latest product range from both McAfee and Norton, with activation codes able to be sent to you immediately.