Is It Time For Your McAfee Renewal?

In today’s digital age when viruses are commonplace, having the best quality internet security is crucial.

McAfee is constantly introducing new features to deliver better protection for your devices. The latest includes an online protection service to deliver a more personalised experience.

Their new Protection Score measures the strength of your security and provides personalised recommendations to help fix any weaknesses, remedy data breaches and improve your overall protection.

The higher the score, the safer you will be when browsing. This makes it easier than ever to discover whether you’re safe online.

Users will find it easier to understand whether their personal information, such as bank account and credit card info, is on what’s known as ‘the dark web’. McAfee Secure VPN is also now included in the company's online protection service, making it easier for you to protect your personal info when away from home.

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Whether you’re new to their virus protection or need a renewal, we make the purchase process extremely easy.

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If it’s time for your McAfee renewal, why not explore our latest product range today?