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Every day we hear new stories of cybercrime happening all over the world, with the UK no exception.

It’s now one of the biggest issues facing both businesses and individuals alike. Cybercrime is rampant at companies of all sizes, who are having to develop cybersecurity strategies to cope with the rise in risk.

Everything from your private financial details to personal data is at risk of hackers, who have become increasingly sophisticated in their methods. In order to browse safely online, it’s important you have the right protection.

Research has shown that businesses in the UK lost over £6.2 million to cyber scams in 2021, with the hacking of email accounts one of the biggest problems. Along with using software like McAfee and Norton, it’s important to be aware of the scams which cybercriminals carry out.

Antivirus security software provides that extra layer of protection that can give you greater peace of mind.

It’s often only once you’ve experienced having a device infected or hacked that you realise how crucial this type of software is. However, even if you’ve never experienced an attack, your data might well have been at risk without you realising it.

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