Protect your Online Privacy with Norton’s VPN Service

Do you often use public WiFi to work or browse?

Many types of Norton antivirus software includes VPN (virtual private network) services which encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP and its physical location. This gives you much greater privacy and safety, whether you’re using the internet at a local cafe or a library. 

This type of system was first introduced in 1996, when a Microsoft employee developed the peer-to-peer tunnelling protocol. VPN has always been popular with businesses, because it provides advanced security without compromising convenience. However, thanks to a rise in remote working, it’s never been more popular than now.

How do VPN services work?

VPN works by establishing a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the internet, creating a private tunnel for your data and communications while you use public networks. Put simply, you won’t be tracked when using this type of Wi-Fi. You can browse anonymously and securely.

VPN services can also be helpful if you often work from home. That’s because it adds a crucial extreme layer of security, which is essential to protect your data.

VPN services are just one of the many great benefits of choosing Norton antivirus software for your devices. 

Norton is regularly rated as one of the top products for this type of service, making them ideal if you regularly use public networks. As a Platinum reseller of this brand, you can trust us to provide genuine products and excellent support.

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Its features include Secure VPN so you can access your favourite apps and websites when connecting to Wi-Fi at home or on-the-go with the reassurance of bank-grade encryption.