Norton AntiTrack 2023 1 Device - 12 Months

Norton AntiTrack 2024 1 Device - 12 Months

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Norton AntiTrack 2023 1 Device - 12 Months
Norton AntiTrack 2024 1 Device - 12 Months

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Norton AntiTrack 2024 1 Device - 12 Months Subscription

    Product Overview

    Want to prevent tracking without disrupting your browsing experience or slowing you down? Meet Norton™ AntiTrack. To help you evade tracking and fingerprinting attempts, it masks your identity providing you greater privacy as you browse and explore online. It will even help you say goodbye to those pesky ads that follow you around.

    Norton™ AntiTrack1 is an app and browser extension that helps keep your online activities and digital footprint private. Its key features help to obscure your identity from tracking and fingerprinting attempts made by browsers and individual websites. Key features include:

    Features -

    Anti-Fingerprinting technology - Fingerprinting occurs when a site creates a unique profile of you based on a reading of your computer software, hardware and chosen site preferences. Fingerprinting has nothing to do with your actual fingerprint, only your computer’s digital fingerprint based on your unique settings.

    Website trackers can gather information about you and your online activities, such as your IP address and location, browsing habits and history. From these they can create a unique digital fingerprint profile of you, which can be shared.

    Tracker & Cookie Blocking - Helps block cookies that attempt to track your browsing history and collect your personal information.

    Norton™ AntiTrack is designed to keep your personal browsing activity private by helping block trackers and fingerprinting, so websites won’t track you and share your information.

    Tracking Dashboard - Keeps you informed of blocked tracking attempts and ranks them by level of concern

    Your online activities may leave a digital footprint of personal data that companies can use without you having full control.

    Take control of your online privacy by preventing companies from profiling or tracking you, without sacrificing speed or interrupting your browsing experience.

    Keep your online activities more private - Norton™ AntiTrack1 disguises your digital footprint to prevent websites from tracking and profiling you, allowing you to browse more privately

    Increase privacy beyond private browsing or VPNs - Norton™ AntiTrack1 goes beyond private browsing or VPNs, helping prevent companies from profiling you in ways that other tools don’t

    See who is trying to track you - We show you which websites are trying to track you and how we’re increasing your privacy

    Browse without interruption - While other privacy tools may break websites or trigger annoying warnings, Norton™ AntiTrack1 is designed to let you seamlessly browse without disruption or sacrificing speed

    Help block targeted ads from following you around the web - When companies can’t track or profile you, their ads won’t show up on your browser for anyone around you to see

    Help stop your online activity from getting into the wrong hands - Your data isn’t just being tracked by the sites you visit. It’s being shared with third parties and you have no control over how they will use it.

    Norton™ AntiTrack helps prevent companies from sharing your online behaviours with third parties

    (Android only!) Private Browser
    Browse with less worry. Our private browser is designed to make browsing more secure, faster, and easy to use so you can do what you want online care.

    (Windows only!) Private Email
    Help keep your email address private and tracker-free
    Mask your private email address, remove hidden email trackers, and create unlimited unique email aliases while helping to keep your personal email address private.

    PRE-PAID SUBSCRIPTION WITH SIGN UP AND ACTIVATION ONLINE: A payment method (credit card or PayPal) must be saved in your Norton account to activate and use.* No charge occurs before the billing date for the subscription renewal.

    SUBSCRIPTION WITH AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: No service disruption since this subscription automatically renews annually. If you do not wish to renew, you can cancel the subscription renewal in your Norton account at any time before the day on which you are due to be charged

      System Requirements

      • Norton AntiTrack Plan Entitlement - 1 Device
      • Browsers supported - Chrome, Firefox, Edge
      • Platforms Supported - Mac OS X 11.0 or later, Windows 11/10 PCs (excluding Windows in S mode, Windows running on ARM processor) & iOS
      * 1 YEAR PRE-PAID SUBSCRIPTION: To activate, sign up online and save your billing information in your Norton account. Automatically renews each year, unless the renewal is cancelled before the day you are due to be charged in or by contacting us. The subscription renewal is charged at the renewal cost found at Cost subject to change, but a notification email is sent before billing. Under NortonLifeLock Cancellation & Returns Policy at once activated, you can cancel your contract and request a full re-fund within 60 days of the purchase, and for each annual renewal within 60 days of being charged.


      Software Returns Policy:  Software Products are exempt from being returned under the UK Distance Selling Law.
      We can offer limited installation support by contacting us or alternatively you can speak direct to Norton's 24/7 Support line on Tel. 020 7616 5600

      We will email you a renewal notification reminder when this product is coming up for renewal. This is just a courtesy reminder and you are in no way obligated to purchase from us again, but we hope we had provided great service and pricing that you would consider using us for your renewal. If you do not wish to hear from us again, just click unsubscribe from the reminder email we send, and you will be removed for renewal notifications in the future.

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