Norton Utilities Ultimate 10 Devices

Norton Utilities Ultimate 2024 10 Devices - 12 Months

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Norton Utilities Ultimate 10 Devices

Norton Utilities Ultimate 2024 10 Devices - 12 Months

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Norton Utilities Ultimate 2024 - 10 Devices with 12 Months Subscription

    Product Overview

    Unleash your Windows PCs performance capabilities

    Personal Computers lose performance over time unless they’re maintained. For many PC owners knowing how to maintain their PC is a mystery. Norton Utilities Ultimate takes the guesswork out with tools to make maintaining your PC simple. Its comprehensive toolbox and easy-to-use interface, helps you keep your PC in optimal performance. Some tools can even be set to automatic mode, so they work while you are away from your device. Others work in background mode, quietly helping to keep things running smoothly.

    You’ll experience improved response times, faster downloads and improved streaming. The Protect toolbox helps keep the user data on your device private, including a File Shredder to help ensure the sensitive files you shred are permanently destroyed. Lost an important file? The powerful Search and Recover feature will help you find files you thought you’d lost for good. For some, it might even feel like they have a new computer.

    Help make your Windows PC work like new again with Norton Utilities Ultimate.

    Key Benefits

    • For smoother gaming and streaming, Norton Utilities Ultimate automatically helps boost your PCs processing power
    • Cleans and helps speed up your PC by working to fix frustrating issues that can cause slowdowns or crashes
    • Identifies and helps you remove unwanted startup programs that slow you down
    • Frees up space on your hard drive to allow you faster access to programs
    • Automated PC care that works when your PC is idle
    • Automatically boosts your PC processing power for smoother gaming, editing and streaming experiences
    • New tools from Norton Utilities Ultimate help you maximize your PC’s performance for faster streaming

    Data Shredder
    Delete data so that others can’t retrieve it Going beyond standard methods of simply deleting files. Data Shredder uses advanced techniques that overwrite the actual data, making it virtually impossible to recover.

    Data Recovery
    Recover lost and deleted data Find deleted files and try recovering them before they are overwritten. Data Recovery enables you to recover deleted files and data lost from hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards.

    Pep up your PC's speed. Norton™ Utilities Ultimate helps remove junk files and bloatware while streamlining your Windows™ PC data for faster response time when gaming, streaming video or launching high-demand apps. Plus, it includes an On-Demand Boost, that lets you stop background services to help provide you with maximum power and speed when gaming.

    It even scans your network for excessive bandwidth use and processes that clog system resources and slow down your PC, so you can reallocate resources for optimal performance. If you change your system settings and change your mind, System Restore lets you undo those changes with a few clicks.

    Should you accidentally delete or lose a file it’s no problem, Search and Recover tools help you restore them. While Windows 10 System Privacy features help prevent the operating system from sharing your device data.

    Norton Utilities Ultimate also includes Automatic Care for advanced cleaning and repair of your Windows™ PC. It goes to work removing clutter and helping to fix problems when your PC is idle, so when you return your PC is all tuned up and ready to go.

    System Requirements

    It may be installed on up to 10 Windows PC devices (Microsoft Windows Only)

    Requires Admin privileges to run, and a high-speed Internet connection plus the following system requirements are required.

    Minimum Microsoft Windows OS Requirements
    • CPU: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB for 32-bit, 2 GB for 64-bit
    • NET 4.6.2 installed
    Windows™ Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later (both the 32 and 64-bit versions, excluding Windows on Arm Processors, in S mode, Mixed Reality, Mobile, IoT, Starter, and RT editions).
    Additional Hardware Requirements
    • 100 MB of available hard disk space
    • SVGA (1024 x 768) video
    Internet connection (to activate Norton Utilities Ultimate and receive updates)

    Please Note: Norton no longer provides CD for installation, but now provides easy access to download software

    Software Returns Policy:  Software Products are exempt from being returned under the UK Distance Selling Law.
    We can offer limited installation support by contacting us or alternatively, you can speak direct to Norton's 24/7 Support line on Tel. 020 7616 5600

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