Improve Your PC’s Performance With Norton Utilities Tune Up

Computers need maintenance in order to continue operating at optimal levels. However, most of us don’t know how to do this, nor do we have the time.

Fortunately, choosing Norton Utilities to tune up your PC and computer maintenance is completely effortless.

Norton is not only one of the leading antivirus software brands, it can help you enjoy improved response times, faster downloads and improved streaming. Norton Utilities is specifically designed to enhance the performance of your PC and keep it in great condition. It’s ideal if you want to enjoy smoother gaming, editing and streaming.

With Simply Antivirus you can tune up your PC for much less, with many great deals on Norton Utilities on our website. All our keys are 100% genuine and supplied from Norton themselves, for whom we are a Platinum Partner.


Our latest deals include Norton Utilities Ultimate 2022 for 10 Devices which can help your PC work like new again.

Taking the guesswork out of PC Maintenance, it has a comprehensive toolbox and easy to use interface. Many tools can even be set to automatic mode, so they work while you are away from your device. Others work in background mode, quietly helping to keep things running smoothly.

Currently priced at £24.99, this Norton Utilities package can be downloaded and installed almost immediately.

Not sure which Norton or McAfee package is for you?

Use our online product adviser and the process couldn’t be easier. Our expert team is also always happy to provide you with advice. We always have the latest products from Norton and McAfee at excellent prices. A family-run company, we pride ourselves on our integrity and commitment to our customers.


Other products include Norton 360 for Gamers which is for three devices and just £7.99. Offering protection for up to 3 PCs, Mac, smartphones, or tablets, this package is ideal for both casual and hardcore gamers. It provides a suite of features optimized for gamers to help provide the protection they need.

Features include what’s known as Norton GO, which automatically detect games and feed them the maximum power.12. This helps eliminate FPS lags and slowdowns from your other apps for smooth visuals. You can free your PC from power-hungry programs running in the background that eat up your system’s resources.

If you’re looking for excellent deals on Norton antivirus packages, explore our latest collection today.