Are Free Antivirus Apps for your Android phone trustworthy?

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Recent research suggests it might not be!

As with any installation of any apps we should be vigilant always, even if they are coming from a trusted source like Google Play Store. But recent reports have uncovered worries about FREE antivirus and ‘cleaning up’ Apps, so while you think you are protecting your phone from Malware and other cyber infiltration, this might not be true.

Many of these free apps can contain links to malicious sites and contain trackers, so it’s doing the exact thing you are trying to avoid by downloading in the first place!

In-depth research has discovered that out of 40 highest ranking cleaning and Antivirus apps on Google Play Store, only 2 didn’t contain any trackers and 6 contained potentially malicious links to suspect websites. !3 of them had ‘questionable coding practices’ according to Cybernews research team, giving them a very low score in the security ranking system.

Most of us less tech-savvy users are more likely to download these free apps to do all the work for us, but most of these free versions come with a much greater hidden price, for example, user date being tracked, sold, or managed insecurely.

The message to learn from this that free is not always free! Much safer to go to a trusted reputable antivirus company, even if you must pay, it’s a very small price to pay to keep your personal data, and devices secure.

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