Beware of some malicious ‘camouflaged’ Android Apps !

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A new batch of malicious Android apps filled with adware and malware was found on the Google Play Store that have been installed close to 10 million times on mobile devices.

The Apps in question, pose as image-editing tools, virtual keyboards, system optimizers, wallpaper changers, plus more.  Their main function being to push Ads, subscribe users to premium services, and steal victims' social media accounts.

Google are aware and have removed the vast majority of these malicious applications, however, if you have installed any of these prior to their removal, its best to uninstall them and run an AV scan to clean up anything left behind.

These clever apps request permission to overlay windows over any app and can add themselves to the battery saver's exclusion list so they can continue running in the background when the victim closes the app.

Additionally, they hide their icons from the app drawer or replace them with something resembling a core system component, like "SIM Toolkit".

How do I keep my phone safe from these malicious Apps?

Do NOT blindly trust any Apps, its vital check all reviews and ratings, visit the developer’s website if you can.

Try not to have too many Apps on your phone, ask yourself, do I really need this? It will help to reduce the chances of any Malware infections.

Always make sure Play Protect is active on your device.


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