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We all have reminders about updates on our devices, but just how important are they? -well, the answer is VERY!

A classic example of this is the security concerns that have been high-lighted by India’s main cyber security agency, Cert. They have strongly requested that users of the app, WhatsApp, a messaging service, should update their older versions as soon as possible, due to an issue from a video file sent from an unknown source. This has infiltrated WhatsApp’s software and used it to install spyware on devices.

Although, WhatsApp (who are owned by Facebook) have stated that they have no reason to believe that users phones were affected, but they have also stated that they will fix this new breach in their systems.

Cert (India’s Cyber security agency) have said that if the video is opened on users devices, the malware will install itself on the phone and is believed to be a similar malware which has been used against journalist and activists. This software is able to make changes to global devices.

Three very important messages come from this report:

  1. Make sure you run your updates regularly
  2. Don’t open/download anything where you are not sure of the source or have suspicions about.
  3. Get up-to-date all-round antivirus protection on all your devices.


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