Norton AntiTrack- What is it??

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Did you realise you’re being tracked online every day?

You are tracked every time you’re online, information about you and your activity is being discreetly collected.

You're profiled

This information is used to build a robust profile or digital fingerprint of who you are. So wherever you go online, you’re followed from site to site.

You're targeted

Finally, your digital profile is used to serve you targeted messages, like ads or content, which can influence your online behaviour.

By installing Norton AntiTrack, you have more privacy, Less tracking.

Browse anonymously

Throw trackers off your back. Disguise your digital fingerprint online with one click.

Browse seamlessly

Browse without sacrificing speed even on sites that may restrict access when other competitor tools are in place.

Beyond clearing cookies

Goes beyond clearing cookies to obscure your digital fingerprint so companies can’t use it to profile you.

All-in-one dashboard

Stay informed on tracking attempts with a user dashboard that lets you see how we keep you more private.

Anti-Fingerprinting technology - Fingerprinting occurs when a site creates a unique profile of you based on a reading of your computer software, hardware and chosen site preferences. Fingerprinting has nothing to do with your actual fingerprint, only your computer’s digital fingerprint based on your unique settings.

Help block targeted ads from following you around the web - When companies can’t track or profile you, their ads won’t show up on your browser for anyone around you to see

Website trackers can gather information about you and your online activities, such as your IP address and location, browsing habits and history. From these they can create a unique digital fingerprint profile of you, which can be shared.

Norton AntiTrack will help you to keep your personal information private and secure.

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