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A warning has been issued from the UK’s cyber security department, highlighting the security & privacy’ dangers’ of these types of devices when not protected properly.

These items can be infiltrated by cyber-criminals when the devices have been left with their default security settings. 

The advisory information is to change the settings immediately after purchase, with a complex (not easy to guess) and secure private password, that would make it difficult for a hacker to be able to break in and be able to observe your home & loved ones.

We all know and agree what fantastic innovations these devices are, and how they can help us in our day to day living, but we should not be too complacent with their use, as they can be extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks if not protected correctly. One frightening example, recently, was when a device was accessed, without permission, & the hacker managed to speak to a young girl and pretend he was Father Christmas!

To avoid these awful attacks and to keep you and your family safe and protected, the guidelines are simple, in 3 steps:

  1. Change the default password, which usually is set to ‘admin’ or 0000 to a more complex and unique one.
  2. Keep the Devices Software (Firmware) up to date.
  3. Turn off the features that allow you to access the device remotely if this is something you do not require.

Smart cameras and similar devices are now becoming part of our everyday living, they are being massed produced to keep up with the demand & to capture this new market, but security is an ‘after-thought’

Cameras that provide details of what is going on inside your house are a prime example.

The consumer group ‘WHICH’ has strongly highlighted the need for mandatory security enforcement on these types of products. They have already highlighted & issued warnings about security flaws in children’s smart toys.

In January, the government announced that it will be addressing these issues and have plans to create a new mandatory law to require all manufacturers of these types of devices to enforce their security requirements.

Just remember, don’t be too complacent with these devices, they can be ‘spies within your home’ if not protected properly. By following the above guidelines it will help to keep you and your privacy safe from these infiltrators!

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