Are you staying safe on Social Media, home & away?

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Posting our experiences and photos on Social Media is something we all do, especially when we are travelling or on Holiday. But have you ever thought of the safety implications when you do this? Here are a few things to think about and help you stay safe on social Media Platforms.

  1. Check your ‘Friends’ List. 

Make sure that you are posting to people that you trust when displaying personal details, especially when you include how long you will be away etc. Never befriend someone you don’t know or have casually met. You can always wait until to get to know them better before you add them to your social media group.

  1. Keep your Privacy settings up to date.

It’s a good idea to get into a habit of checking your privacy settings once a             month and especially when you go away on a trip. Never assume that the default settings will protect you, always ensure that the privacy settings are very very strict. This includes limiting access to locations, workplace, birthdays and any other private information.                                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Avoid Geo-Location Services.

It is very easy to name the specific places and locations when we are out and about, we are all tempted to do it, but it really isn’t a good idea, as this is a neon flashing light to any cyber-stalkers or thieves, letting them know that no one is home. So, make sure that all these locator apps are off. If you want to post photos of your location, as we all like to share our experiences with friends and family, the best idea would be to wait until you are home and post them then, rather than post in ‘real’ time.

  1. Use strong Passwords

Make sure that you use a good strong password on your phone, so that if you lose your phone while away, it can’t be hacked easily. This applies to the password to your social media platforms, also emails and any other personal details apps. Don’t use the same password for each, for instance the name of your pet, as once the criminals get access to one place they will have access to all.

Remember that using Social media is like going to a worldwide party! Yes, a lot of the time it is fun, and has broadened horizons, but remember with the fun side comes the dark side, would you give a stranger at a party your home address or tell them when you when you are going away? Cyber-criminals will be on the look out for gaining personal information & details for varied uses from selling on your information or using it in identity theft, as examples.

So, in summary, just be very very aware of what and when you are posting information, what you share and where you are.  Enjoy your experiences without the worry of being hacked by following these few simple rules.



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