Free vs Paid Internet Security Software: What’s best?

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With so much choice out there for Antivirus products, it is hard to sometimes make a smart choice, especially when there are so called ‘Free’ products. But as the saying goes… there no such thing as a Free lunch!

To safeguard your devices and data, it is extremely important to have the best protection you can get, one that will regularly update, to help to secure you from on-going & changing threats.

 These ‘Free’ products can be very tempting, but beware, you may think you are receiving the software for free, but often the software has a ‘trade off’ where it is being paid by rendering services in kind. This usually, is access to your browsing & internet activity information. So, basically, your private details are now being spied upon, so you are just swapping the evil of spyware unknown to the evil of spyware that you are aware of!

With most ‘paid’ antivirus suites, you get a comprehensive protection, including Anti-Spyware & firewall services, together with your antivirus software, but most ‘Free’ internet security programs are not these types of packages, you usually get the basic bog standard antivirus software, which will potentially leave your networks and family’s privacy open to threats.

Another pitfall of the ‘Free’ products is that they are usually sold as ‘1 size fits all’ but with a ‘Paid’ package you can tailor it to you and your family’s needs, for example with ‘parental control’ you are able to monitor your child’s online activities. Another example of protection with most ‘paid’ suites, is VPN (Virtual private network) This is becoming more and more necessary, as we now use our devices more often in public places like airports, cafes etc.

So, although the option of a ‘Free’ product is tempting for the sake of our wallets, in practice, they can not give you the level of protection that a ‘Paid’ full service internet security suite will give you and your family. So, the smart choice is clear! Take a look at the comprehensive suites that Norton can supply, giving you and your family peace of mind knowing that you are protected with those extra layers of security.

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