British Airways faces a massive record fine of £183m for last years ‘hack’ of its security systems.
The attack carried out, according to BA, was a "very sophisticated criminal attack" on its website & security systems. How did this happen? Users of the British Airways website were diverted to a ‘false’ fraudulent site, where the criminals gained personal data of about 500,000 customers.

Personal information that was gained by the attack included log-in details, names and addresses and also payment card details, including the cvv 3 digit number on the backs of cards.

The Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) believe that the ‘breach’ started in June 2018 but was first disclosed in September 2018.

BA, who have been co-operating with the ICO, have made relevant security improvements to protect their customers from further breaches.

How can we protect ourselves from these fraudulent sites to the best of our abilities?
Norton offer a range of web protection, including ‘SafeWeb’ which will help to advise you of the ‘safety’ of a site.

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