Eurofins Scientific, one of UK's biggest provider of forensic services, dealing with around 70,000 cases a year, has allegedly paid a ransom to criminals after a major cyber-attack

Their IT systems were infected with a ransomware computer virus, causing them extremely major disruptions, as they were unable to access their data. This has caused a massive back-log of Police cases with the global testing company.

Eurofins have stated that this was a ‘highly sophisticated’ attack. They have not officially disclosed how much the ransom demand was, or whether they have paid it.

This computer virus, Ransomware, denies users access to their systems or personal files. The cyber-criminals will then send a message demanding payment to unfreeze the system. It can be ‘caught’ extremely easily, so make sure your personal files and systems are thoroughly protected using our Norton products, which will protect against most ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats.

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