The Best Antivirus Software with Parental Control 2020

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We all want to protect our children, and more so now that they can visit ‘virtually’ anywhere in the world, on their own. So, getting the right online protection is paramount.

Many antivirus programs that offer parental control in their packages are usually low-budget add-ons that only offer very basic protection.

The good news is that The Norton 360 Range doesn’t offer you just basic protection. It has valuable parental control features that will help you have peace of mind in keeping your family safe in the digital world. Examples are:

Browsing restrictions

Usage monitoring

App controls

Location sharing

Remote access

Norton 360 Range — Best Antivirus Software with Parental Controls in 2020

Norton’s Parental Control feature includes:

Time supervision-you can set time limits on usage, or schedule your child’s usage, so they can’t text in school time or at bedtimes as examples.

Video Supervision-This can log ‘Youtube’ usage, so you can feel confident your child isn’t watching something inappropriate.

App, website supervision-You can select what content your child can access and get alerted if they search using specific keywords.

Location-You can track your child’s whereabouts up to the past 30 days.

Social-Enables you to keep an eye on your child’s Facebook. (windows only)

All the above features are found on a very easy to use Dashboard, where you can adjust usage settings etc as you need to. There are even built-in templates, these will automatically adjust settings for you for different ages/stages of development, so you won’t need to go through each setting separately yourself if you don’t want to.

Another feature on the Norton 360 Range is ‘Smart Talk’ This enables you to set up parental control WITH your children, helping them to understand why parental control is so important. You can create their detailed plan on usage etc. together.

If you need to keep your system safe from malware and keep your kids safe online, The Norton 360 Range is the best there is.


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