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Something we don’t really want to think about while we are happily browsing the internet, or doing our shopping or banking, is ‘am I protected against cyber criminals? & if not, what is my best protection?

A virus is one of the least worrying thing now that are devices can attract, we now have numerous other worries that can infiltrate our devices like Spyware, Malware and Ransomware to name just a few.

Last year, globally, there were 850 million victims of cyber-crime, someone in the world falls foul to Identity theft every 2 seconds!

But as Cyber-Crime evolves, so does Antivirus Protection Products, like the Norton360 range or McAfee Total Protection range, providing ‘All in one’ protection, including:

Device Security-Anti-spyware, Malware and ransom protection.

VPN -for online privacy (Norton)

Password Manager/True Key Identity Manager

Parental Control (Only certain products)

Dark web Monitoring (Norton)

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