Want your PC to run like new again? Has it turned from a Hare to a Tortoise?

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There is nothing more niggling and annoying than having a PC that is very sluggish and slow.

With Norton Utilities Ultimate it can optimize your processing power, memory, and hard drive automatically behind the scenes while your PC is idle, cleaning, repairing, and removing clutter.

Common issues and problems can be fixed, and it can free up space, so you get faster access to your programs.

Most of us keep our personal files on our PC, and in an era where personal information is the world’s highest saleable commodity, Norton Utilities Ultimate cleans out your internet files to improve your device’s privacy, including use of the File Shredder to help ensure that personal and sensitive files are permanently destroyed.

Key Benefits

  • For smoother gaming, and streaming, Norton Utilities Ultimate automatically helps boost your PCs processing power
  • Cleans and helps speed up your PC by working to fix frustrating issues that can cause slowdowns or crashes
  • Identifies and helps you remove unwanted start-up programs that slow you down
  • Frees up space on your hard drive to allow you faster access to programs
  • Automated PC care that works when your PC is idle
  • Automatically boosts your PCs processing power for smoother gaming, editing and streaming experiences
  • New tools from Norton Utilities Ultimate help you maximize your PC’s performance for faster streaming.

Here at Simply Antivirus, we are offering some great deals which includes Norton 360 Deluxe Antivirus + Utilities Ultimate 2022 for 5 devices and Norton 360 Premium Antivirus + Utilities Ultimate 2022 for 10 Devices, so you not only get good reliable software internet security but can relax in the knowledge that your package with the Utilities Ultimate included will be working away behind the scenes to optimize your PC’s performance, what’s not to like! Get your PC back to the speed of the Hare and not the Tortoise!!

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